Bouvier Facts…..


Firstly the name.

The name came from John Vernou, “Black Jack” Bouvier III who was the father of former first lady Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis but essentially Ray just liked the sound of the name ‘Bouvier’ and the fact that it had no musical connotations.

Originally we were “The Fabulous Bouvier Brothers” however this was later shortened to “The Bouviers”.

( We only subsequently learned that ‘Bouvier’ was Marge Simpson’s maiden name and also the name of a popular breed of Belgium cattle dog renowned for its somewhat pungent odour! Phew!!! ).

The Music that we play started off as an extension of Ray’s solo repertoire and was possibly inspired a little bit along the way by Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Cassidy’s Band, Hot Tuna.  We still play an homage in the shape of Reverend Gary Davis’s, Hesitation Blues which is a loose version of their arrangement.

We draw from many musical sources and our song list includes 1920’s show tunes, country finger busters, soulful contemporary songs, blues and toe tappers.

All of this is interspersed with cheery, insightful banter and quirky observations designed to raise a smile and possibly an eyebrow or two….

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